Is'Art Galerie

IS'ART galerie est un lieu d'exposition et de vente d'art contemporain d'artistes malgaches et étrangers à Antananarivo, Madagascar.Son objectif est de promouvoir et valoriser les artistes en leur offrant un lieu d'exposition, en organisant des évènements autour de leurs œuvres, en les faisant connaître tant sur la scène malgache qu'internationale. Bienvenue sur notre site web et bonne exploration !

Africa | Nosy Art Echange

The African Nosy Art Echange facilitates the cultural exchange between young artists from mainland africa and those of its surrounding islands. ANAE Looks for existing networks to work through, or if there are none it works with local artists to initiate them.

Artists on Africa

“Artists on Africa” is an experimental series of podcasts and an attempt to contribute to content generation about Africa, from Africa from a different perspective. It spotlights the ways in which artists and their creative practices located in – or dislocated from – Africa define or redefine the parameters of what might constitute “African” – knowledge, narratives and experiences. It engages the artist as researcher and thinker, inventor, mentor and entrepreneur, as storyteller and translator and perhaps most importantly as expert and inspirer of new ideas.

Pro Helvetia

Pro Helvetia Johannesburg reaches out to most countries in the Southern African region, coordinating projects not only in South Africa but also, primarily, in Mozambique and Zimbabwe and more occasionally in Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, Madagascar, Tanzania, Lesotho, Swaziland, Malawi and Angola. Fostering cultural interaction between these countries and Switzerland is one of Pro Helvetia’s priorities.

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